Dawn mistThe Great Aerial Ocean above our heads, for me, is a reminder that we all live on the one planet. Only a thin band of atmosphere comes between us and the inhospitable vastness of space.

dramatic sky-12dramatic sky-10I love that living here, we now have a grandstand view of the turmoil, as well as the sunny days, the mists, and the procession of day and night.

lightning Dec 2014 croppedThank you to Tim Flannery for introducing me to the concept of the Great Aerial Ocean.  It’s magnificent.

spider and the moonHappy Earth Day (and night)

6 thoughts on “EARTH DAY SKIES

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  1. Wonderful photographs – and what a fantastic way of thinking about the water in the atmosphere about our planet. The aerial ocean! That will stay with me.


  2. Hi there, Fiona
    Now you are talking! And seeing! Wonderful, right up my street. After seeing your recent comment to me, yes I would love to visit sometime when convenient. Best wishes, Barrie


  3. Now you are talking! And seeing! wonderful! Right up my street. After reading your comment on my blog a little while ago, or was it in response to my comment on yours? I really would like to visit again when its convenient. best wishes, Barrie


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