I’d given up watching the local radar loop for rain.  It’s been a long time since we had water falling out of the sky.  This year’s lambs will be very confused when it happens.

The land around us is dimmed by the smoke haze from the fires on the coast and to the south.

Jessie and Yunus traveled 600 km down to Melbourne and picked up fancy air purifiers and P2 face masks that were unavailable in Canberra.

air purifier
My new friend, the Air Purifier, allowing sleep without coughing

smoky sunset

Every leaf is covered with the smoke dust as it settles.  Underneath that is the red dust from the drought out west.

It makes for apocalyptic sunsets.

At least fires are easier to fight in an almost completely bare landscape.

One where not just some of last year’s trees, but the casuarinas along the (very low) river and the (now dry) Mullion Creek are dying from lack of water.

The radar is promising but at the moment it’s still sunny.dry jan 2020

Kalbi the dog knows, though.  She’s started to shake and hide under the sofa, knowing there’s thunder coming.