climate change


view of river from ridgeAll those months waiting for rain in the autumn, and now we have too much. Continue reading



Things are blowing and banging around here.  Trees lean over, the grass on the Adnamira hills ripples in patterns reminding me of a sandy sea bed.   The hatch for our new guinea fowl house clatters every time a gust comes through. The irises in the garden flutter, no wonder they call them “flags”.  IMG_1877

Somehow, it’s remarkably irritating.  Tiring also, on the eyes and the ears.

Spring is the windy time of year here.  At other times of year we often get still mornings and a breezy afternoon, but  in the spring we can get day after day of wind whipping up the river valley from the northwest.

Although we had a millimetre of rain last night, there’s no sign of it.  The ground is dry again and baking hard where there’s bare dirt.  There’s nothing like wind for taking away soil moisture.   The hills are turning from green to yellow almost as I watch, first the northwest facing slopes, and the ridges, then the more protected sides. Continue reading