planting-crewVOLUNTEERS are always welcome.  Please use the form below if you’d like to come and play on our hills.  Previous volunteer efforts have helped us do much more than  we would otherwise have been able to, and enjoy it more!


SEP 2018-MAY 2019

WEED CONTROL – controlling the planted areas for noxious weeds including St John’s Wort, blackberry, African Lovegrass, horehound, mullein weed, and saffron thistle.  It’s a great opportunity to see what else is growing, including lovely native wildflowers and grasses, as well as the trees themselves.  In some cases, where there are precious understorey plants, we use hand-grubbing techniques, in others, sprays.

JAN-FEB 2019

WILLOW CONTROL – in recent years feral willows have been spreading along the river, and we have been working to reduce their numbers ( a splashy job for hot weather)

MAR-MAY 2019

COVER STRIPPING – after the main summer heat, previous years’ plots are checked for growth of the trees and shrubs.  Those  trees that are large enough have their covers and stakes pulled and recycled for this year’s use.

MAY-SEP 2019

REPLANTING – Adding 150 more plants to recent tree lots where the cover is too thin, or there have been some losses (even in this challenging year, surprisingly low).

LITTLE TRIANGLES – Building and planting 10 tiny (36sq m) enclosures on “Adnamira” which will extend connectivity out into the pastures.   Also this year, an additional 20 for Esdale, (10 near the Box Gum woodland, 10 along the river and creek) Total 150 trees.

ESDALE STEPPING STONES – 2 small (400 sq m) areas linking to other stepping stones and larger areas 30-40 trees each.


WINDBREAK/ CONNECTION – Our major project for 2019.   It will need 650 trees, connecting an existing windbreak with a gully, rocky knoll and nearby remnant trees.  We will break the planting into a number of days.

Leftovers Planting – probably 2 easy days of about fifty trees each, depending on weather and locations.


DIRECT SEEDING – I’d like to do some direct seeding of wattle and bursaria seeds in a couple of not-very-accessible spots, depending on the season forecast.

If you’d like to join our wonderful team please contact using the form below.

For planting – bring sturdy boots and trousers.  Dress in layers as Canberra weather can be chilly in the morning but bright and sunny by midday.  The grass may be wet.  Gloves are a good idea if you don’t want to get your hands dirty.  If you have equipment such as mattocks or garden trowels, that’s useful too.

 We do civilized half days with volunteers, from 9am until 2pm to allow for watering.  We will provide a morning snack, and lunch within that time.   

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