Done: Sunday July 17th – a small planting of paddock trees on Adnamira.    This is a small project funded by Land for Wildlife to enlarge the reach of our stepping stones and bigger planting areas out into the grassy paddocks.

Done: Sunday July 31st – one small connectivity planting and two paddock tree (6m) enclosures.  Should be an easy and pleasant day out.


Due to delays with rain and fences, our plantings have been pushed back to the end of August and into September.

Done:  Saturday July 8, Sunday July 9 and Sunday July 23rd – so far 225 trees planted in this year’s big project, a long windbreak on a ridge connecting to last year’s Glossy Black Cockatoo plantation and the valley paddock connectivity plots.

Sunday, August 28 –   150-200 trees on the north face of a long ridge which will extend the work done in the last two years.  Steep with lots of rocks to work around so wear good boots. We’ll be planting some eucalyptus melliodora from Justin Borevitz’s lab among along with other mixed shrubs and trees.  Hoping for a good crowd and nice lunch with campfire and a view.


Saturday September 3rd: Hmm, we’re flooded in and the paddocks are boggy again. So our small group of planters filling in another section of the windbreak will happen on Tuesday 6 September instead.

Sunday, September 11 for the FINAL PLANTING DAY AND CELEBRATION:  including all remaining trees and shrubs for the long windbreak.  That area has taken more trees than expected (hard to estimate due to the rocky terrain).  Total will be around 550-570 for the whole area.

The rocky knoll that connects this year’s windbreak with 2014’s connectivity plots and our Box-Gum Woodland has now become next year’s small project along with ten more tiny triangles and the Adnamira western windbreak.

If you’d like to join our wonderful team please contact us (see form below)

Our main planting sessions are in July/August but there’s various kinds of preparation to do year round if you’d like to see and play with the trees (eg weeding, mulching, birdwatching, plant identification) you’re very welcome to contact us.

For planting – bring sturdy boots and trousers.  Dress in layers as Canberra weather can be chilly in the morning but bright and sunny by midday.  The grass may be wet.  Gloves are a good idea if you don’t want to get your hands dirty.  If you have equipment such as mattocks or garden trowels, that’s useful too.

This year we’re planning to do half days with volunteers, from 9am until 2pm to allow for watering in the afternoon.  We will provide a morning snack, and lunch within that time.   

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