This page gets EVER LONGER – because so many people have been so wonderful.  Without all of you, it would not be possible to do what we have done at Esdale and Adnamira since 2012.   Thank you, thank you, thank you.

BMNone of our projects would have been possible without the support of BARBARA HAMER whose love of the Australian bush and wildlife was an inspiration.  We miss her.  

Other family support has come from:

Craig  photoProf CRAIG MORITZ

between papers on Gulf politics, plants trees.
DrYUNUS ZAHEED – a hero with a mattock


CHARLES MORITZ  – usually far away on another continent


Also our neighbours ANDREW LEONARD and FRANK KAVENEY for their considerable patience with my lack of knowledge and sudden changes of plan.  And our other neighbours for their (fairly) quiet scepticism and emotional support.

MURRUMBATEMAN LANDCARE GROUP (Jacqui Stoll, Sue McIntyre, Lisa Borella and many more) for plant propagation, advice, and encouragement

SOUTHEAST LOCAL LAND SERVICES (previously the Murrumbidgee Catchment Authority) has given us a Box Gum Woodland grant to rehabilitate 13 ha of steep slope on Esdale in 2014, a grant for 5 small enclosures on Esdale in 2015, and in 2016 grants for two windbreaks and two rocky knolls on both properties.

GREENING AUSTRALIA Capital Region -for two grants in 1999 and 2003 for riparian fencing and planting, a Whole Paddock Rehabilitation grant in 2013, plants for the K2C grant in 2014, two Glossy Black Cockatoo areas, one planted by the Green Army on our roughest country in 2015, and the other with ThinkPlace in 2018, plus skilled weeding assistance with our Box-Gum Woodland .  And just being awesome.

FOUNDATION FOR NATIONAL PARKS AND WILDLIFE – got us started with our Little Triangles program, replacing paddock trees with 6m fenced triangles of trees and supporting shrubs over three years 2016-18.  We’ve continued the project with 10-20 more triangles each year. 

Most recent thanks go to:

2022 – Dmitry again, Sarah for going beyond the call of visitor duty, Oscar, Will, James, Marga, Jack, Amy, Octavio, Yun Le, Rhiannon, and more…Planting team 31 July 2Planting team 31 July


2021 – Dmitry, Reid, James, Marga, Kate O’Hara (plus truck), Jessie and Yunus for the new Box Gum connecting windbreak, lots of little triangles in the Windmill Paddock and finishing the Adnamira tree lines from 2020. 

Dmitry and JamesTeam middle

2021 – Weed and river willow control with Patrick (back from Newcastle) and also assistance with erosion control by neighbours Jaiha and Kailen

.Jaiha and KailenPatrick recovering from slashing

2020 – Gully Restoration Crews plus post-Drought Covid-safe replanters – the Hussaini family, Jo, Jessie, my cousin Sarah, David Duchene and Maide, France and Kate O’Hara:

gully planting team 2020Gully Planting team Jessie France Hussainis Kate Priya Sarah 2

2019 The Adnamira Superb Parrot Habitat Crews,  – Renee Catullo, the Borevitz Lab, Priya and Kyle plus the computer gaming team suddenly thrown into real life: Jack, Brad, and Garrett, plus John and Patrick

Moise, John, Sam, Bush and Patrick – who got I hope more insight into living in Australia through the Global Alliance for Peace visits in 2018 and 2019.

Matthew Kent 2016-2018 – for careful and precise on the ground help over three years. 


Greening Australia and ThinkPlace for the second Glossy Black Cockatoo Plantation (Cockatoo 2) 2018 – two busloads of helpers plus the Rebound crew for a challenging ridgeline.

The Adnamira Windbreak Planting Crew 2017- 3 days of planting instead of six, fully mulched and watered.  Yay. 

 Fabian and Emil  – for their contributions to willow-poisoning, woolshed clearing and other horrible jobs.Fabian with spray bottleEmil and wheelbarrow


2016 The Borevitz Lab Team Justin,( Jake and Eva) Borevitz, Adrienne Nicotra, Tricia (Nicole and Serenity) Copas, Megan Supple, Abigail Ryan, Andrew, Pia, and two more excellent pink-hat constructing girls whose names I didn’t catch, oops

andrew-plantingAndres from GreenEdge GardenScape – out of the garden and into the paddock, ably assisted by an extremely cute puppy.  Special skills including leaping from fence-posts in a single bound.

yin-and-rocksYan Li – interpreter and social worker, and now our most stylish ever tree-planter.

Dr Sonal Singhal,
previously of Berkeley California, but now at the University of Michigan. Expert smacking of star pickets for our tiny paddock tree enclosures.

Matt and Kristen August 20162016’swonderful, (almost) inexhaustible tree planting assistants:  Matthew Kent and Kristen Whiting who are both students of environmental science and/or management.
Hannah Miller ghostbuster extraordinaire

Hannah Miller of Berkeley, California for intrepid wattle-seeding, weeding, and most of all for tackling the many, many problems of Wombat Hollow armed with nothing but ghost-busting kit.

Vicki Funk from the Smithsonian for help checking up on our young trees.Vicki Funk as tree waterer

Scott and Craig Extreme Weedersand Scott Edwards from Harvard University for not just the extreme weeding in our 2011 plantation, but also for bravely removing a dead chicken from our chicken tractor. “I’m an ornithologist” he says calmly.


Rainer and Lesley K2CKOSCIUSKO TO COAST FOUNDATION – Lesley Peden and Rainer Rehwinkel – for the Small Bird linkage project of five fenced exclosures to allow small birds to move around the landscape from 2014 on.



Georgia 2013GEORGIA CHENEVIX TRENCH  (2013-2014)

the unstoppable proprietor of Georgia’s Patch

Nick and patch(Prof) NICK MARTIN  (2014) –the efficiency expert behind Nick’s Patch

 K2C planting top patch 4(Dr) James Taylor -Economics lecturer and expert hole-digger

AJ and Jess – the high-speed classicist and the oboist.AJ and Jess

Alex Carter 2 2014Jacob volunteering 2014ALEX CARTER  and JACOB – the international team flown in from Colorado for site prep.

Matt Kilby and his Tree AugerMATT KILBY, GLOBAL LAND REPAIR

trent and mulch 5 July planting


TRENT WILKE – the invaluable, patient and energetic year-round assistant of 2013 and 2014.

Box gum lower planting international team june 2014 MOOS BLOM, FOTEINI SBAGOPOULOU, AND JULIA TURBHAN 

making the unstoppable team of Europeans planting through the wind and the rain

Jo foto

JO CONSTANTINIDES – not just planting, but cake as well

KATE – all the way from Atlanta, Georgia Kate foto

Jacqui fotoJACQUI STOL , all the way from Murrumbateman

Team July2014 EMMA, LACHLAN, JIMMY, (PLUS AJ, JESSIE, YUNUS, KATE, JO, JACQUI, JAMES TAYLOR and  TRENT were the team for 5 JULY, not forgetting ANDREW LEONARD and the amazing mulch pile,  plus BEN SCANES for site prep

Andrew Kilby fotoANDREW KILBY for the essential fencing out of the sheep.

Hamish and crowbarHAMISH MCCALLUM (PROF) visiting from Brisbane and Charlotte grass plantingCHARLOTTE JENNINGS, freshly arrived from Papua New Guinea, for help with the grass seedling planting.


2014 JUSTIN BOREVITZ, JASON BRAGG AND TRICIA STEWART, plus the kid brigade for setting up the lovely tree-jewellery, sorry tree research program.

kids and trees 2

 2014 HANNAH SELMES, LESLEY PEDEN (again) and THE WONDERFUL CANBERRA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY CONSERVATION AND LAND MANAGEMENT STUDENTS who mulched some of the Box-Gum Woodland trees on September 4 2014.20140904_122300


SARAH ASHMORE, ALAN MACKAY-SIM (knife sharpener extraordinaire), SOPHIE (aka the Easter Bunny), LISA PEINE, MARTIN (official photographer)Brisbane team - Sarah Ashmore, Alan Mackay-Sim, Sophie Neudert, Lisa Peine, Martin Neudert



TRICIA GRAVES, TOM BURKOT, MILLIE BURKOTTom and Tricia planting photo by Martin Neudert
Millie planting


the camera team Corin Pennock Steven Newson Andrew HenjakANDREW HENJAK, CORIN PENNOCK, STEPHEN NEWSON

THE ANZAC DAY2015 TEAMAnzac Day team

the Mulch Master James Taylor
The Mulch Master in action

Andrew, Raihan, Craig, James Taylor, Miles, Laila, Jessie, Felipe


Jess and Shelley Weir, George Main, Andrew Henjak the fantastic dam area planting team
Jess and Shelley Weir, George Main, Andrew Henjak the fantastic dam area planting team

The tree maintenance and bonfire team – Andrew Henjak, Rachel Everett and DylanIMG_3207

and the BIGGEST CREW WE’VE EVER HAD – for planting at Carkella on May 30th 2015Carkella Crew May 30 2015


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