One Bend In The River

Life and Wildlife on the Banks of the Murrumbidgee


This blog was created to get in contact and keep in contact with anyone who’s interested in our revegetation projects on two farms in New South Wales, Australia.  And for fun.

Fiona Hamer is an Australian writer who is currently working on a novel titled “The Dance of Mountains”.  She enjoys tree-planting, gardening, and reading everything from junk novels to popular science.

Barbara Hamer is the landowner of the family farm Fiona is rehabilitating.  She is the author of two books “Nuts and Bolts” and “Jackdaws in the Chimney”.  She bought the first farm in 1967 to house a pony.

Craig Moritz is a Professor at the Australian National University with a distinguished career in population biology and conservation genetics.

4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hi my friend. I’m trying to reach out to you in the new year. All’s well in our neck of the woods. Love, Kyle
    Ps. I am a big fan of your blog. Please write me back on my aol address, or call.


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