Suddenly, while I was still coughing and wheezing from the flu, spring arrived on the hills around us.  It seemed as if every type of wattle and fruit tree began to flower simultaneously, even while the mornings remained so cold and frosty I couldn’t step outside without going into a coughing fit.Georgias patch sept 2017 3

Best of all, though, the golden lights of the wattles on the hills show up all the places where I’ve been planting trees (Georgia’s Patch, the Cutting and more and more places each year.

And in the distance, in the steep and really rocky places, the places where wattles have held on despite all the challenges against them. river plantation sept 2017 Golden days.wattle flowers



2011 planting

Extreme tree planting

Seed collecting is a new art for me.  It requires timing, observation and knowledge of what you’re looking for.  Mostly I’m nervous that I’ll just take the seeds off a plant and waste them by not planting them in time. Continue reading


wattle1 (1)

Snowy River Wattle Acacia boormanii

After the long chilly winter, it seems that finally we’ve got flowers again.  The wattles as always make a show of golden baubles at the very end of winter and the beginning of spring.

wattle1 (3)Up on the hills and down to the river the Early Nancies (Wurmbea Dioica) have been flowering for a few weeks.

Early Nancies among rocks

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