Gaily zipping through the trees

A flock shows grey, then,

Lifting their wings, shows pink

And in the sunset

Heads for home.

Photo by George Roderick

One of our pleasures each evening is to watch these birds flying home. Unfortunately, I discovered they had decided to roost in my pear tree and, as evening entertainment, would strip the bark, causing those branches to die. I plotted revenge, wondering if I needed gas guns (to startle them) and if I could borrow some from our neighbours at Gallagher’s Winery, who had harvested their grapes already. In the meantime, I threw sticks at them to make them fly off, and then another to encourage the last lookouts to leave. It turned out I only needed to do it twice and they found themselves a new roost. One of my theories is that they were ashamed and knew they’d done wrong. Maybe.

Ashamed? Photo by George Roderick

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