Cockatoo_Gang-gang (Peter Fullagar)
Male Gang-Gang photographed by Peter Fullagar

Have you seen this bird?

It turns out that nobody knows much about Gang-Gangs, even though they’re an iconic bird for this region.

It’s not really clear what they feed on, or where they nest, if their numbers are declining or if they’ve moved out of town.

Most of the recent sightings have been in introduced pistachio trees, which surely can’t be their only food.

Even worse, the area with the least information about them is exactly where I live, along the Murrumbidgee north of Canberra.  I think because there are so few people here watching for birds, there are very few reports.  So we need to get some.

When I went to a meeting for the Kosciusko to Coast Foundation ( which funded a chain of plantations for us this year, Yay), I heard about the Canberra Ornithologist Group survey on Gang Gangs that might enlighten us all about a few of these things.

 The easiest way to help is to participate in the quarterly Gang Gang Muster – the next one is 21 to 27 August – pick a location where you spend time every day (or most days) like your home garden, listen and look out for Gang-gangs and record the ‘largest number you see at ‘one time’.  Fill out the electronic on-line form at the end of the week. Forms and instructions can be found at:
Courting Gang Gangs photographed by Julian Robinson
Courting Gang Gangs photographed by Julian Robinson
I’m a terrible bird-watcher, but I’m happy to provide cups of tea for anyone who wants to come and look for them around here…

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