I know we’ll need all the water we can get for another summer of heatwaves, coming in just a few months.

It’s also perfect for this year’s tree planting that the soil moisture is good.

However, the flooding is beginning to become just a little tedious – especially the creek.  When Mullion Creek goes up over Lizard Crossing, as it has repeatedly this year, we have no way to get out at all. 

Lizard Crossing

When water goes over the Murrumbidgee river bridge (which happens when it’s much lower than the official “minor flooding” level), we have the option of going round the long way into Canberra or Yass, road washouts permitting.  Cavan Road currently has a section where a creek has chosen the road instead of its own bed to travel in.

Cavan Road pretending to be a creek

Being flooded in is all fine if we have no other plans.  And if I have good supplies of essential groceries, such as chocolate, it’s okay.  Eggs and vegetables we produce ourselves and the freezer keeps other supplies. 

Meanwhile, I’ve had to cancel a couple of planting days for rain.  I finally went ahead finishing our double triangle near the tank on the ridge with the help of Dmitry and James. 

With the pink and black covers mixed together that plot has become an audience looking over the crop paddock.   This was the only area that was accessible to the Bobkitten for ripping, which made hole digging a lot easier.  However, with the wet ground and the drizzle on Friday, the soil became first sticky, then slippery. 

Our leather gloves became so wet they went floppy and slippery too.

Since then there hasn’t been so much dampness. The fencer put up the new windbreak fence in a record two days, and we’ve planted up the little triangles. They’re really beneficial, but very fiddly to put together and plant up.

Onward to the windbreak!

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