What an excellent idea, lilies that smell like chocolate.

Or vanilla, or caramel, depending on your sense of smell (or lack of it, in my case, thanks to allergies).

Something to make you smile, anyway.

When I saw the first glimpse of purple in the long grass, I thought it was Paterson’s Curse ( echium plantagineum), a European exotic which we’ve been working on controlling because it’s toxic and invasive.

Paterson's Curse
Who was Paterson and why did he Curse us?

Barrie Ridgway visitThe lilies were identified by the lovely Barrie Ridgway who was visiting and taking photographs.  His blog “Our Fragile Earth” at uses prose poetry to describe some of his experiences with wilderness, plus poem poetry as needed.  Really beautiful.

I was a bit mortified, though, that when I took him to show off some of my revegetation areas, the new trees had mostly disappeared under a huge crop of wild oats and other weeds.

Despite the weeds, the seedlings are thriving.

PB030861 upper box-gum woodland photos by Barrie Ridgway 2014

Upper box gum area 2014

Trying not to be too discouraged by the extent of the wild overgrowth, we went down to the area of the box-gum woodland  paddock closer to the Mullion creek, which I know has a greater proportion of native vegetation.

Sure enough, as we got down towards the most inaccessible corner, the wild oats mostly disappeared in favour of tufty native grasses, and some native wildflowers, including the chocolate lilies (dichopogon strictus).  There were also native bindweeds (geranium solanderi) and native geraniums (geranium erubescens).

Geranium Solanderi
Geranium Solanderi (photo by Barrie Ridgway)
Chocolate lily
Chocolate lily (photo by Barrie Ridgway)
Convolvulus erubescens
Convolvulus erubescens (photo by Barrie Ridgway)

Unfortunately, on his way home, Barrie’s car got in a fight with the (aptly named)  Glenrock Road  and a stone cracked his petrol tank.  Yass Valley Council had just graded the road, but as usual, their standards are not really safe for a two wheel drive car.  Er, otherwise a good day.

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